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Who Is  Vence Ray?

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The Short Version:

I am a musician, music producer, composer, and content creator.

The Longer Version:

I am an Atlanta transplant with a passion for blending music genres to create unique and original sounds that illustrate my artistic identity. The first instrument I learned to play was a keyboard at age six. Under my parent's tutelage, I went on to learn the piano, drums, guitar, and any other musical instrument that happened to be at our home. At age 10 I began performing in my parent's band in Haiti. I got my first taste for music production while creating musical arrangements for our band's live performances. In 2010, I found myself in the U.S. without a band to perform with and discovered the world of Digital Audio Workstations. This discovery revealed my true passion for music production and composition, I have been creating music ever since. 

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